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1920 Federal Census - Ray Hill and Celia Hailey family living at Molson, WA Chesaw 4th of July rodeo with old Colbert farm Cora Mable Smallwood David H. Colbert Ernest Sherling and Ruby Colbert Sherling headstone Esther Sarah Jenkins Hill's headstone Esther Sarah Jenkins Photo Eva Geronimo, Geronimo, Emily Chihuahua Evan Albert Colbert
Evan Albert Colbert and wife Cora Mable Smallwood Colbert Evan Albert Colbert as a young man Evan and Cora Colbert with first born Ruby Evan Colbert and Cora Smallwood's marriage certificate. Evan Colbert Barn, circa 1960 Evan Colbert on Blaze F.M. (Frank) Colbert grave headstone George Colbert, Senate and Officers of the Last Chickasaw Legislature Geronimo wearing war bonnet. Geronimo with rifle.
Goldia Colbert Gram Chachu headstone Headstone of Evan Albert Colbert and Cora Mable Smallwood Colbert John Aaron Grigsby John Joseph Hill Headstone John W. Nordstrom History Lloyd Vernon Colbert Marvin Francis Colbert as a young man. Mary J. Hill Yantis headstone. Mary Jane Hill Yantis
Melvin Evan Colbert Melvin Evan Colbert's headstone. Milton F. Hill - Louise U. Range Marriage Certificate Old Colbert House Orin Colbert funeral program picture. Susie Ah-Dish-Nee headstone Toos-Day-Zay, wife of Cochise. Velma Colbert Hill on Horse Young Orin Colbert.