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Matches 1 to 19 of 19 for Tree equals Sioux Genealogy

   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Tree 
1 F13
 TALKS ALOT, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
2 F12
BEAR LOUSE, Native Name SITTING BULL, Seen by the Nation   Sioux Genealogy 
3 F6
BEAR LOUSE, Native Name SEEN BY HER NATION, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
4 F9
FOX-SUNGINA, Andrew SITTING BULL, Walks Looking   Sioux Genealogy 
5 F14
FROSTED, Thomas SITTING BULL, White Bear   Sioux Genealogy 
6 F10
JUMPING BULL, Little Assiniboine BITE OFF, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
7 F2
JUMPING BULL, Native Name HER HOLY DOOR, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
8 F3
JUMPING BULL, Native Name ARIKARA WOMAN, Unknown   Sioux Genealogy 
9 F1
LOOKS FOR HIM IN A TENT, Native Name BRULE WOMAN, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
10 F16
SITTING BULL, Louis/Lewis LITTLE WOMAN, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
11 F19
SITTING BULL, Louis/Lewis PRETTY BIRD, Mary   Sioux Genealogy 
12 F11
SITTING BULL, Native Name SINGING, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
13 F15
SITTING BULL, Native Name LIGHT HAIR, Native Name Abt 1851  Sioux Genealogy 
14 F5
SITTING BULL, Native Name SEEN BY HER NATION, Native Name 1857 She would have been 11 years old?  Sioux Genealogy 
15 F8
SITTING BULL, Native Name FOUR ROBES, Native Name 1857  Sioux Genealogy 
16 F4
SITTING BULL, Native Name SNOW ON HER, Native Name 1861  Sioux Genealogy 
17 F7
SITTING BULL, Native Name RED WOMAN, Native Name 1871  Sioux Genealogy 
18 F17
SITTING BULL, William/John SCOUT WOMAN, Native Name   Sioux Genealogy 
19 F18
STEWARD, George SITTING BULL, Nancy   Sioux Genealogy