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Hickory Co., Missouri



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAILEY, Anna Bell  15 Dec 1880Hickory Co., Missouri I00613 Hill Genealogy 
2 BAILEY, Claud Otis  23 May 1891Hickory Co., Missouri I00618 Hill Genealogy 
3 BAILEY, Corda Lee  31 Jul 1903Hickory Co., Missouri I00622 Hill Genealogy 
4 BAILEY, Henry Arthur  18 Dec 1916Hickory Co., Missouri I00588 Hill Genealogy 
5 BAILEY, Joseph Elat  29 Apr 1897Hickory Co., Missouri I00620 Hill Genealogy 
6 BAILEY, Maudie Ellen  5 Oct 1894Hickory Co., Missouri I00619 Hill Genealogy 
7 BAILEY, Sarah Edna  20 Mar 1914Hickory Co., Missouri I00629 Hill Genealogy 
8 BAILEY, Thomas Edgar  2 Nov 1889Hickory Co., Missouri I00617 Hill Genealogy 
9 BAILEY, Walter Allen  5 Oct 1898Hickory Co., Missouri I00621 Hill Genealogy 
10 CHANCELLOR, Delcie  13 Mar 1893Hickory Co., Missouri I00709 Hill Genealogy 
11 CHANCELLOR, Thomas Archie  6 Nov 1920Hickory Co., Missouri I00550 Hill Genealogy 
12 CUNNINGHAM, Eda Mae (Edie)  9 Apr 1894Hickory Co., Missouri I00451 Hill Genealogy 
13 MADEWELL, Fannie Mae  21 Sep 1874Hickory Co., Missouri I00530 Hill Genealogy 
14 MADEWELL, Grover Cleveland  27 Mar 1885Hickory Co., Missouri I00535 Hill Genealogy 
15 MADEWELL, Henry H.  27 Oct 1887Hickory Co., Missouri I00537 Hill Genealogy 
16 MADEWELL, Minnie  21 Apr 1876Hickory Co., Missouri I00531 Hill Genealogy 
17 MADEWELL, Victoria Belle  27 Oct 1887Hickory Co., Missouri I00538 Hill Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAILEY, Anna Bell  6 Sep 1881Hickory Co., Missouri I00613 Hill Genealogy 
2 BAILEY, Homer Birty  28 Sep 1988Hickory Co., Missouri I00694 Hill Genealogy 
3 BAILEY, John Orlando  20 Feb 1933Hickory Co., Missouri I00444 Hill Genealogy 
4 BAILEY, John William  9 Jul 1895Hickory Co., Missouri I00438 Hill Genealogy 
5 BAILEY, Joseph William  4 Mar 1910Hickory Co., Missouri I00443 Hill Genealogy 
6 BAILEY, Mary Jane  12 Dec 1917Hickory Co., Missouri I00442 Hill Genealogy 
7 BAILEY, Maudie Ellen  24 May 1989Hickory Co., Missouri I00619 Hill Genealogy 
8 BAILEY, Robert Stewart  6 Sep 1937Hickory Co., Missouri I00450 Hill Genealogy 
9 BAILEY, Thomas Edgar  12 Aug 1956Hickory Co., Missouri I00617 Hill Genealogy 
10 BERDOLT, Paul Keifer  18 Nov 1909Hickory Co., Missouri I00748 Hill Genealogy 
11 CHANCELLOR, Delcie  19 Feb 1975Hickory Co., Missouri I00709 Hill Genealogy 
12 CHANCELLOR, Dessie  19 Feb 1975Hickory Co., Missouri I00561 Hill Genealogy 
13 GOODMAN, Fannie A.  9 Sep 1909Hickory Co., Missouri I00712 Hill Genealogy 
14 HEDGEPETH, Ida Belle  22 Feb 1963Hickory Co., Missouri I00691 Hill Genealogy 
15 MADEWELL, Grover Cleveland  28 Sep 1967Hickory Co., Missouri I00535 Hill Genealogy 
16 MADEWELL, Henry H.  15 Aug 1947Hickory Co., Missouri I00537 Hill Genealogy 
17 MADEWELL, Samuel  24 May 1895Hickory Co., Missouri I00529 Hill Genealogy 
18 MADEWELL, William Ira  18 Jun 1953Hickory Co., Missouri I00533 Hill Genealogy 
19 PAYNE, Mary Caroline  8 Feb 1910Hickory Co., Missouri I00568 Hill Genealogy