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Ogden,Weber County,Utah



Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARKER, Albert Simion  4 Mar 1936Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451307 Hill Genealogy 
2 BARKER, Edith Ione  30 Mar 1919Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451300 Hill Genealogy 
3 BARKER, Elbert William  4 Mar 1936Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451308 Hill Genealogy 
4 BARKER, Elizabeth Ann  2 Sep 1944Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451310 Hill Genealogy 
5 BARKER, Evelyn Delta   I30451302 Hill Genealogy 
6 BARKER, Norma Lucille   I30451303 Hill Genealogy 
7 BARKER, Paul Ray  1 Apr 1940Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451309 Hill Genealogy 
8 BARKER, Ruby Levon   I30451301 Hill Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, Jane Rosette  1 Mar 1908Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451348 Hill Genealogy 
2 BARKER, Albert  20 Sep 1928Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451304 Hill Genealogy 
3 BARKER, Albert Simion  24 Aug 1936Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451307 Hill Genealogy 
4 BARKER, Albert William  21 Mar 1973Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451298 Hill Genealogy 
5 BARKER, Elbert William  20 Aug 1936Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451308 Hill Genealogy 
6 BARKER, Elizabeth Ann  2 Sep 1944Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451310 Hill Genealogy 
7 BARKER, Fredrick  1 Nov 1866Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451315 Hill Genealogy 
8 BARKER, Paul Ray  31 Jul 1987Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451309 Hill Genealogy 
9 BLYGH, Ann  18 Sep 1876Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451316 Hill Genealogy 
10 CRAGUN, Mary Ann  Jul 1961Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451312 Hill Genealogy 
11 HOLT, Mary Ann  22 Feb 1916Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451314 Hill Genealogy 
12 MARSH, Edith Rosettia  14 Jun 1967Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451299 Hill Genealogy 
13 MARSH, George Joshia  24 Oct 1916Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451347 Hill Genealogy 
14 MARSH, Joshiah  1831Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451349 Hill Genealogy 
15 POWELL, Sally Cletilda  29 Sep 1855Ogden,Weber County,Utah I30451350 Hill Genealogy